An overview of the CAN capabilities of the CAN-BPWRD development board

1.0 Overview

The CAN-BPWRD development board features 2 full CAN interfaces each driven by a MCP2542FD-E/SN CAN transceiver, compatible with both standard CAN and CAN FD.

  • For more information, find the data sheet here.

The CAN transceivers are interfaced directly with the CAN peripherals of the STM32 micro-controller (FDCAN1, FDCAN2).

2.0 Configuration

2.1 Termination Resistors

The CAN-BPWRD development board has built in 120 Ohm termination resistors on each of the two CAN busses. These termination resistors can be optionally enabled or disabled using a pin jumper on the pins shown in the image below:

CAN-BPWRD Image with Highlighted Pinout of CAN 'TERM' Pins
CAN-BPWRD Image with Annotated Pinout of CAN 'TERM' Pins

With the jumper in place, the termination resistor is connected to the CAN bus, and provides 120 Ohms of resistance between the CAN High and CAN Low pins on the network.