Programming the CAN-BPWRD Development Board

1.0 Overview

The CAN-BPWRD development boards have the SWD pins of the STM32G491 MCU exposed on a header, allowing for easy, direct programming of the MCU chip using an ST-Link interface.

A large amount of programming languages and toolchains have support for ST-Link based programming as well as well documented libraries for using an STM32 micro-controller.

2.0 Getting Started

If you are unsure on how to get started, we recommend using PlatformIO to program this board, take a look at these docs pages for more help:

Drogue Systems Documentation — PlatformIO Installation

Using PlatformIO, the board can be programmed in multiple frameworks (STM32Cube HAL, Arduino, libopencm3, CMSIS) depending on your preference, and once set-up, offers an easy environment for developing and programming.